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Jeri Murphy is Australia’s leading Amazon solution provider. What this means is she shows you the practical side of connecting to Amazon, whether you are a beginner or an established brand looking to work with Amazon.

Jeri is passionate about helping clients where ever they might be on their Amazon/business journey. We have solutions that take the guess work of doing accounts for the simple startup, right through to the established brand.

You can find more information on her startup course at  Jeri Murphy  and Cashflow Master Course . Both these sites cover in depth issues that an Amazon seller will face from an accounting/solution perspective.  This will greatly assist in taking the headache of doing business with Amazon. Further to this we have a beginners course for Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs who need to know the key principles of cashflow management and accounts, for those who want to have control over their business, and understand what they are doing.

Whichaddon, is a solution provider for the establish brand wanting to incorporate Amazon into your business structure. We believe in creating great experiences and know the pitfalls that come with creating these solutions. We have a lot of experience working with big brand household names and we are selective with who we work with. Our solutions have a detailed process which I outline in this article .

If we can in anyway assist you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. You can use the form below, or give us a call anytime. All our contact details are on the top of the page.



Many businesses can use our Amazon Solutions that integrate with cloud based accounting systems, like Xero or Quickbooks Online. Alternatively, we can show you how to work with these tested Amazon solutions to your traditional server based systems.

Amazon For Retailers

For retailers, who need a solution that provides a point of sale (POS), Inventory management, as well as a connection to your e-commerce platform, and are also looking to take advantage of Amazons marketplace. We have a number of solutions that work, and if they don’t we will go out and find the right solution for you.

Amazon for Wholesalers

Wholesalers are our speciality. Connecting to Amazon and having clear insight to your inventory is key in this area, as well as managing large trade customers via B2B interfaces, 3PL, EDI, multiple warehouse, complex pricing tiers, barcodes, serial/batch tracking and much more. We live and breathe inventory management and it truly is a passion of ours.

Amazon for Manufacturers

Manufacturers looking to utilise more direct channels such as Amazon, as well as wholesale and even perhaps retail, are no problem at all. Complex bill of materials (BOMs), inventory management as well as wholesale features, are all part of solutions we love providing.

Take the guess work out of finding the right Amazon solution for all business types.

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