Author: Marlon Wambeek

DEAR Inventory for Food Manufacturing

Cootamundra Oilseeds first contacted us back in July 2017, knowing there had to a better way to manage their administrative processes with Xero, but not knowing where to start to find the right add on. They had reviewed MRPEasy, which is a great manufacturing system from Estonia that works with Xero, but didn’t know how to implement it, train the staff, connect it with Xero and eventuate a smooth transition from their existing Sage desktop-based system. That’s where we came in.

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Great Experiences : Lone Pine Landscapes & Kelly Partners 

Lone Pine is a structural landscape company driven to succeed. Edward Drinan co-founded the company back in 2013 and as growth came, so did problems managing his business. The system they had built was paper and spreadsheet based, and managing multiple jobs became a nightmare. Initially when it was Ed and his brother, things weren’t complicated, but now with a team of over 20 landscapers and apprentices, it is a lot more complex. Lone pine turned to their accountant Craig Bullock from Kelly Partners, who recommended utilising the skills of Whichaddon to assist them in finding the correct solutions. This is...

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How to educate 500 Amazon Sellers on money management

3.30am Sunday morning just gone I dragged myself out of bed and jumped into the Wildtrack off to the airport. Whilst the kids were still sleeping, I got onto a plane to Melbourne ready to do something that was a huge dream of mine. I posted a picture up on Facebook and LinkedIn as I was on the side of the stage that afternoon about to speak. A dear friend and mentor from my days as a trainer and Solutions Architect at Unleashed inventory software reminded me: “I remember about 3yrs ago you telling me that one of your dreams was to...

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Tradegecko ranked as the best inventory management platform of 2016 by FinancesOnline. Tradegecko is best for small to medium-based businesses that also integrates seamlessly with Xero. For retailers you can sell to B2C customers online through big e-Commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento. Although Tradegecko currently does not have any integrations with a standalone POS, it does integrate with Shopify POS but the features are not yet complete.   SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS Many businesses can use Tradegecko with Xero to take their inventory management, sales and business growth to the next level. Firstly, lets understand how Tradegecko works for...

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