Datamolino: Make your accountancy practice more profitable.


Datamolino captures key data from purchase invoices and sends it to XERO. We help bookkeepers, accountants and business owners enter invoice data into Xero without manual data entry. Datamolino can capture also line item information from invoices, it automates the data capture process and after the short learning phase, provides results within minutes.

MPower Xero AddOn


Line item and invoice description capture

Batch scan split

Fast automated data capture – users can work with data and export to Xero within minutes

Support – our users are our priority. We are always ready to help online or on the phone.


Datamolino connects to Xero using the Xero API. Each Datamolino folder can connect to a Xero organisation. We pull in your contacts so you can pair your invoices to the correct Xero contacts. We also pull in your ledger account list so you can correctly code invoices when exporting to Xero. Datamolino sends the following data to Xero. Invoice supplier, Invoice number, Issue date, Due date, Invoice description, Total as tax inclusive, Tax code, Tracking categories. The same also for line items.



We want to make sure you know what DATAMOLINO and Xero can’t do together, just as much as what it does do, so you can make the right decision for your business.

Tracked inventory – we will populate your inventory from your purchase invoices with a couple of clicks

Supplier based automation


If you have a story about Datamolino and Xero working in your business, contact us to submit your story.

Take the guess work out of finding the right solution.

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