See Crossfire EDI in Action for Xero Users

See Crossfire EDI in Action for Xero Users

by | May 18, 2016 | DEAR, EDI, For Advisors, For Business Users, Inventory Management |

This afternoon, I sat down with Henry Payne, Solution Manager, and Richard Whyle, who is a member of the EDI development team, both from the Crossfire EDI team in ANZ. Crossfire EDI is full managed Software as a Service (Saas) platform for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

What is EDI? … In the interview with Crossfire EDI, Henry explained:

EDI basically means the electronic transfer of data of some medium that replaces a business process. Where people would normally be types things out and emailing them off or printing them out and faxing them off, those sorts of things can now be done via EDI. Direct system integration is obviously the best form of that because it means that there is no manual process involved it just goes directly from one person’s system to another person’s system.

Crossfire EDI connects with many Xero inventory management and ecommerce addons such as DEAR Inventory, Tradegecko, Neto and more. On the other side, Crossfire EDI connects to Trading Partners like Coles, Woolworths, David Jones, Tesco, Amazon and many more.

So, who uses EDI?… The most common form of EDI connection is between a retailer, like Woolworths, and their supplier of products. A big retailer like Woolworths¬†uses their own system and pushes orders via EDI to the supplier (a smaller sized business using a system like DEAR Inventory) and that orders are received into the supplier’s system to process as normal.

During the interview, Henry explained there are three different types of EDI:

  • Retail EDI
  • Third Party Logistics EDI
  • Shipment EDI

We are just processing¬†the full interview with Crossfire EDI including a demo of the DEAR integration for Youtube and will update this post it up once it’s available.

For a full list of Integrations that Crossfire EDI has, check out the list here.

For a full list of the existing Trading Partners Crossfire EDI already works with, check out the list here.




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