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New Addon this Week: Taxify

This week another new addon has joined the Xero ecosystem, please make welcome, Taxify. Taxify is a new Xero addon that assists US Xero users by enabling filing of sales tax returns automatically in every state, easily track sales tax liabilities on the balance sheet...

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New Releases from the Addons

  Don't ask me why but whenever I am making an announcement of some kind and I go to pick a picture to put with it, it often ends up being an animal photo I choose. 🙂 Today's blog is about new releases we have come across in the past few weeks across the Xero...

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We don’t believe you can find the right cloud solution for a business without first listening to what you need and understanding your business.

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Once we have found you the best cloud solution for your business, we will deliver a personalised demonstration so you can make an informed decision that this is the right solution for your business now and in the future.

We ensure you succeed.

We help your business transition to your chosen cloud solution providing your data migration and setup, training and support through the transition period.

At WhichAddOn, we believe…

With the right knowledge and support every business can rise to become everything they dream of – connecting staff to each other, to customers and to suppliers in the cloud.

The cloud enables connection.


– Jeri Murphy, Co-Founder


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