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DEAR is a highly robust, intuitive system that has at its foundation solid functionality and ease of use. As with anything, you the end user or professional advisor need to know if its the right fit for your organisation or client. There are many different solutions in the cloud, whether you are using Xero, Quickbooks or MYOB.

Making the investment decision to get an inventory system is huge – a big step. It means your business is growing and heading in the right direction.  Get the right fit the first time. Implementations of any new system will always have it’s pain points – change always does. However if you get the wrong system or the wrong kind of help, you are in for a nightmare.

As one of the world’s leading DEAR and Xero cloud integrators, we have faced them all.  Whether its staff that face the change begrudgingly, highly complex assemblies (BOM’s) with dozens of items to create a final finished good, a customisable invoice that just can’t be sacrificed and everything in between.

We believe that the right solution can be found when you take the time to learn about the business processes and the people at the beginning. We also haave no hestitation in telling you if a solution is not the right fit. If you want someone to really listen to what your business needs and help you find that solution so you can move forward with confidence. We are ready to listen.


Many businesses can use DEAR Inventory with Xero to take their inventory management, sales and business growth to the next level. Firstly, lets understand how DEAR works for a few different business sectors.

DEAR For Retailers

DEAR is suitable for any product selling business and has an integration with online POS system, Vend and integrations with eCommerce solutions, Shopify, Neto, WooCommerce, Magento and eBay. If your business sells products online or in a bricks and mortar store as well as wholesale, DEAR could be the right solution for you. DEAR can manage product families and product variants – so you can easily manage different colours, sizes and styles.

DEAR for Wholesalers

DEAR Inventory is one of the best solutions in the Xero AddOn Marketplace for wholesalers and importers. Whether you are importing basic goods or manufacturing from goods imported from the all over the world, then DEAR could be the right solution for you. With multi-currency, multi-warehousing and ability to calculate landed costs, it’s got what many small to medium wholesalers need.

DEAR for Manufacturers

DEAR Inventory is suitable for manufacturers that make standard size products, food producers and medical supplies need batch and/or serial tracking. If you are buying raw materials and combining them into new products for further production or just bundles to sell, DEAR can handle it.


DEAR Inventory provides all the inventory management needs for your business including sales orders, invoices, purchase orders and production then pushes through a copy of all the important information into Xero so you can manage your payable bills, customer payments and high level financial reporting.


When you Authorise a Bill in DEAR confirming how much you have purchased and much the stock has cost you, a copy of the bill is sent to Xero as a Payable Bill. This is easy for local and international purchases. You can know exactly who you owe money too. Suppliers details updated in DEAR and Xero are also synchronised every time.


DEAR can manage simple and complex production with a fully featured bill of materials function that can handle multi-level builds, auto-assemblies and even disassemblies. You can manage all your production values in DEAR or you can send values to Xero as stock moves from raw materials to work in progress to finished goods on the Balance Sheet.


Dear inventory system also has a very strong sales and customer module. Which covers sales orders, picking slips and delivering to multiple locations for the one customer. Included are pricing tiers that can be set by customer. Unlimited contacts per customer and the ability to integrate with Vend to work as a point of sale or with e-commerce solutions like Shopify, Amazon and eBay to name a few.


Batch & Serial Tracking

Which is usually native to large enterprise level systems is also included in Dear Inventory system. It is very easy to setup and includes expiry dates and the ability to track a batch or serial whether it’s for statutory reasons i.e. In the food and beverage or for warranty tracking. That combined with bar coding allows for a seamless and pain free workflow in relation to an often cumbersome and time consuming experience if using a manual system.


DEAR Inventory is great for the following industries. Feel free to email us today on the form below with a basic overview of your company and your needs and we can help you decide if DEAR and Xero is a good fit for your business.


We want to make sure you know what DEAR and Xero can’t do together, just as much as what it does do, so you can make the right decision for your business. Feel free to email us today on the form below with a basic overview of your company and your needs and we can help you decide if DEAR and Xero is a good fit for your business.


The best way to learn about a solution is to understand how it’s being used in real life by real businesses.

DEAR Inventory for Food Manufacturing

Cootamundra Oilseeds first contacted us back in July 2017, knowing there had to a better way to manage their administrative processes with Xero, but not knowing where to start to find the right add on. They had reviewed MRPEasy, which is a great manufacturing system from Estonia that works with Xero, but didn’t know how to implement it, train the staff, connect it with Xero and eventuate a smooth transition from their existing Sage desktop-based system. That’s where we came in.

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Branding is Everything. It’s possible with DEAR and Xero.

In March 2014, Australian wholesale distribution company for The Goat Skincare range contacted us for help with their Unleashed and Xero online solution. Our client wanted to be sure they were using the systems correctly and if there were any further options to improve the look and feel of the documents produced by Unleashed – which included the sales invoices, purchase orders and other external documents.

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Take the guess work out of finding the right solution for any inventory business.

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